For the Business

We offers fully managed IT & Marketing, business support solutions and unique personal doorstep services for social individuals with proven and reliable technology and we ensure our clients get increased efficiency in terms of better business or hasslefree Personal life.

For the Society (CSR)

At Bhumu Group, we believe it's our responsibility to give back to the communities in which we live and work. We help those who are in need of Food, education, health care support, jobs, homeless issue. we use 5% of our revenue every months for CSR initiative.

For the Nation

Government, civil society and business — must work together to sustain the process of building a great nation. we donate 5% of our revenue to families of Soldier who died on army exercise, disabled officer of the Indian Army/Polish etc .

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& Message

Limits are meant to be broken and Challenges are meant to overcome in the same way BHUMU Group think every business services are meant to be used to make life & business easy. Our vision is to be dellivered innovative business services to your doorstep so that your life become easy and fast.


Our Mission


& Core Values

Our Mission

We committed to providing IT Solutions and Doorstep unique services to help businesses to grow and helping individuals to live happy hassle-free life.

Our Vision

We want to become the premiere in service and support industry serving the IT needs of businesses and highly demaned doorstep services to individuals in Metro cities to create a happy hassle-free life for the Society and Nation.

about maxtra company
our web development process tactics

Call us if you have Innovative Ideas
We will research and launch.


Business ideas are great they make us feel like we are onto Something big. If you have any startup plans or Innovative Ideas let us know Our experienced team will get crystal clear about your reasons, intentions, and motivations behind starting your project we will test and implement them on behalf of you.

Our Businesses