"We are in Process to make a easy lifestyle for our coming generation in personal and business both terms.Our strength is the right service and planning with smart and fast way."

We are committed to the highest standards in whatever we do. Our quality benchmarks are amongst the best in the world, our ethical standards are high, we are responsive to the needs of our customers and believe in building long-term partnerships with them. We have carried out with distinction our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Core Values

B Best

"We are Best" We are dedicated to providing the high Quality, Value and Services also focus on timely delivery with value for money to meet our customers needs.

H Honest

"We are Honest"
We believe honesty is the best policy in any business We reveal our commitment to honesty when we
deliver any value and services.

U Unique

"We are Unique" For our services we design most unique business model which is centric to customer satisfaction we deliver Unique Service for Unique Needs.

M Modern

"We are Modern" As life become modern we also use modern technology in our every services. To exist in market it's necessary to do advancement of old technology.

U Updated

"We are Updated" Service industry is changed quickly So, We always ensure our all services will be updated as per customers feedback, price issue, process upgrade etc.


Limits are meant to be broken and Challenges are meant to overcome in the same way BHUMU Group think every business services are meant to be used to make life & business easy. Our aim is to be dellivered innovative business services to your doorstep so that your life become easy and fast. Bhumu Group has identify the problems arise infront of businesses to revenue growth and infront of working individuals to manage time for household or personal tasks, with years of experience in to IT and service industry we come-up with some updated IT & Web solutions and some unique startups providing doorstep services in metro cities to make metro life easy.

Our Mission

We committed to providing IT Solutions and Doorstep unique services to help businesses to grow and helping individuals to live happy hassle-free life.

Our Vission

We want to become the premiere in service and support industry serving the IT needs of businesses and highly demaned doorstep services to individuals in Metro cities to create a happy hassle-free life for the Society and Nation.

Business Segment


Doorstep Services

We launch highly demanded doorstep services in metro cities we deliver Unique Service for Unique Needs. Fast and busy life of Metro cities really deserves doorstep services for everyday needs. “TIME IS MONEY” and when Mechanic www.GarageonCall.com and Mens salon for full body grooming www.Glazma.com comes to your home, you save time and enjoy life happily

IT & Technology

Our IT venture Web Meter www.webmeter.in offers unique and modern technology to boostup business revenue, we research the business process then draft results and findngs and based on results we design business plans and use our experience to execute it for for business growth.

Real Estate & Investment

For safe and high returns our invetment experts regularly making research and we come up with one platform for all your investment needs www.investmentdesk.in we commited high returns with no risk.


Our Team


Mr. Ashish Bhadauriya / Founder

Mr. Ashish Bhadauriya a post graduate in management has been a vital part of the BHUMU Group since its inception. He is a good motivator With strong....

Frontend Team